About Us


Founder, designer and stylist Kara Fuz is the face of Wolfgang Muse and this is her story.
I started styling men and women more than 15 years ago, passionate about fashion and the feeling you get from making someone feel happy about the way they look and feel in clothes, whether they are big or small.
Just over a year ago I took a client out who loved my style, who was a Size 16, big busted with a big booty to match and on that day, in that moment I was devastated that I was unable to put together a stylish but edgy outfit that showed off her curves but had an edgy street style which she would be able to pop on at any time and feel great in.
So with that I started to scribble down a few designs that could be worn day to day and then out for the evening if an event popped up, all that you would need to do was change out of your sneakers and into your sexy heels or vice versa.
One of the other major commitments that I wanted from my brand was for it to be all 'Australian Made' from the design, the pattern making, the cutter, the maker and the distribution. That is something I pride myself on and have instilled into the brand, the quality is second to none.
There is no denying that if the quality and the cut are perfection, then the way the garment falls on the body will be flattering, and the life span in your wardrobe will be much greater.
So with that I feel I have created a range of clothing that will make a woman look and feel good about their clothes and make it easy for a woman to create the perfect outfit for every occasion.
So the face you see, yes that is me, my first ever photo-shoot, a very daunting, out of my comfort zone experience, but nonetheless I am Thankful for good friend and fellow artist Harper Belle Photography for helping me bring to you Wolfgang Muse and the current collections.
Wolfgang Muse is currently located in the Sutherland Shire, Sydney with the ambition and the drive to extend further, however initially we will be shipping only within Australia.
For all Inquiries including Styling please contact:
I cannot wait to start styling in Wolfgang Muse, and I hope to have you as a part of the Wolf Pack.